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Do you receive interest from doctors but are unsure of their suitability and eligibility to join your practice?

Have you recruited an international General Practitioner but are confused about the process of medical registration?

Did you know you can outsource the paperwork involved with recruiting and onboarding your next international GP?

ADMIN+ is a cost-effective solution that maximises your ability to recruit an international GP and saves you time and money by outsourcing the complex, lengthy process of medical registration.

ADMIN + A tailored service that takes the risk out of recruitment

Your dedicated ADMIN+ Consultant and Compliance management team will:

  • Screen the GP to ensure their eligibility to work in your location
  • Assess their suitability and interest to join your practice
  • Outline the expected timeframes and key requirements (schools, partner’s work etc.)
  • Support the process of service agreement negotiation
  • Coordinate registration, visa and onboarding paperwork
  • Guide the GP in all aspects of their relocation to Australia (banking, accommodation etc.)

Our team have previously worked for leading medical centre operators and understand the importance of onboarding an international GP seamlessly within a medical centre.

We can join the conversation at any point in the process.

ADMIN+ is for ALL DPA locations. Metro, Regional, Rural and Remote

From small coastal towns to bustling cities, our specialist team have supported more than 100 Practice Owners and Managers in securing international doctors on the Specialist, Competent Authority and Standard pathways.

ADMIN+ gets GPs started sooner

We understand that waiting for your international GP to receive the green light to start working can be long, complicated and very frustrating.

The process can be delayed by the professional bodies (AHPRA, RACGP/ACRRM, Medicare, or the Department of Home Affairs), when paperwork is submitted incorrectly.

Our in-depth knowledge ensures we streamline the process, saving you time and money by allowing your GP to join the practice as soon as possible.  

ADMIN+ supports you at every stage

Hiring a new international General Practitioner for your team takes resources and dedicated support. Most international GPs consider three to five job offers before making their final decision. It’s a competitive process.

Our dedicated service is tailored to the unique requirements of your practice and new GP, reducing the risk of losing them during the process.

Whether you’re just starting to consider a potential new General Practitioner, or they’ve already accepted your job offer, we provide tailored support at any stage.

Starting to chat with an international GP?

Bring us into the conversation and we can share our expertise and help with contract negotiations.

Unsure of how to navigate the complex process of medical registration in Australia?

Let us screen the GP to ensure they choose the right pathway.

Unsure about immigration requirements?

Our migration expert partners specialise in working with medical centre owners and practitioners to give tailored advice and guidance.

Want your new doctor to have the best possible experience?

The recruitment experience directly impacts retention. We’ll go the extra mile to answer questions and set them up for life in Australia. We even provide an option to connect them with our community of international GPs for advice and support.

Admin+ Proactive | Personal | Professional

Every GP is different. Every medical centre is different. Every experience is different.

Our ADMIN+ service offers a proactive, personalised and professional service to provide your new GP with dedicated professional support every step of the way.


“Our experience with DXC Medical Recruitment has been exceptional. They seamlessly integrated into our hiring process, helping us to secure a highly qualified UK GP that perfectly matched our practice's needs.

The efficiency and professionalism of their team have significantly contributed to the growth and success of our clinic. We highly recommend their services to any practice seeking top-tier medical professionals.”

Practice Manager, Wollongong (NSW)


"ADMIN+ has been such a time saver. With the pathways forever changing and eligibility being a confusing component we use ADMIN+ as our partner to assess and coordinate paperwork for signing and submission saving us time knowing we get it right the first time.

The DXC team has worked with my practice for over 3 years and recruited over 10 doctors. I could not be more grateful to have them on my side for such an important component of practice growth." 

Practice Owner, Albury (NSW)

Interested in finding out more?

Book an obligation-free consultation with our experts, to find out how ADMIN+ can support you.


ADMIN+ allows the Practice Manager time to do what they do best and leaving the paperwork to us. This saves significant time and money for the practice.

ADMIN+ ensures GPs commence work at the practice 2-3 months quicker on average. The potential income to the practice during this time completely offsets the cost of this service. 

ADMIN+ maximises the potential grants on offer to the medical centre and practitioner, including; relocation, retention and other incentive payments.

ADMIN+ supports the practice in far more than just the paperwork. From negotiating a contract with a GP, to ensuring they have the smoothest possible transition to Australia.

Health insurance, banking, medical indemnity, accommodation, schooling, partner/spouse’s job, the list is extensive. Our team provide a comprehensive pre-arrival checklist to the GP and their family.

The support does not stop once they arrive in Australia. Our team continue to support the GP and the practice with all training pathway/fellowship-related questions (RACGP or ACRRM), which includes pre-interview and pre-exam support when required.  

ADMIN+ supports all internationally trained doctors on the Specialist (Substantially or Partially Comparable), Competent Authority and Standard pathways, for both colleges (RACGP and ACRRM).

Visit our Visa Sponsorship FAQs page to find out more.

Yes. We can help at any stage in the process, from initial conversations with potential GPs through to completing the logistics of medical registration, immigration and onboarding.

The process of onboarding a new doctor from overseas can take 6-12 months due to the detailed paperwork and processes required. As experts, we streamline the process and know exactly what needs to be done, and when. This ensures that the GP can often start working for your practice far quicker.

Let’s book an obligation-free consultation to see if ADMIN+ is right for your needs.

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