Transition to GP Training

Your Journey from Hospital to General Practice

Moving from hospital to general practice training in outer regional, rural, and remote Australia is a significant and rewarding progression in your medical career.

With a solid track record of guiding over 250 non-VR GPs from hospital environments to rewarding general practice training positions, we bring a wealth of experience and insight to your move and are dedicated to ensuring your transition is smooth and seamless.

Whether you're seeking a change from the hectic pace of hospital work, aiming for more time with your family, or looking for stability as you start a family, general practice offers a well remunerated and rewarding career path. Our team is equipped with deep industry insights, experience, and strong connections, ready to support your career move.

From the initial consultation, we customise the transition to meet your unique professional and personal requirements, ensuring you select a location and training pathway where you can grow, contribute, and achieve balance. 

This page is a starting point to help you understand what to consider during this transition, so keep in mind that different factors matter to different people and there's no one-size-fits-all approach.

Personalised Support for Your Progression to GP Training

Finding the right role in the right place at the right time is what we do best. Our team's extensive background in working for medical centre service providers gives us unique insights into the nuances of general practice across Australia.

We have placed non-VR GPs into training positions from larger MMM2 towns, such as Albury, Ballarat, Launceston, Townsville, Darwin and Bunbury, to more rural and remote MMM5-7 locations, such as Cobar (NSW), Tom Price (WA), Queenstown (TAS) and Gin Gin (QLD).

We regularly visit our rural clients, which helps us understand their requirements and have recently completed trips to the Pilbara (WA), Cairns (QLD), Young, and Harden (NSW).

Finding Your New Home and Community

As an International Medical Graduate (IMG) with general AHPRA registration, you'll work in a Distribution Priority Area (DPA) Modified Monash Model (MMM) 2-7 location, placing you in outer regional, rural, or remote settings. Since you’ll be in this role for 3-5 years, finding a location that feels like home is crucial.

This is a family move and we understand how important it is to find suitable accommodation in a community with suitable employment opportunities for your spouse or partner and the best schools for your children.

Pathways to Practice

The various training pathways to general practice can be difficult to navigate.

With expertise in all Section 3GA GP training pathways (for ACRRM and the RACGP), we offer clear guidance to help you understand and choose the best pathway for your career goals.

  • RACGP Fellowship Support Program (FSP):

    A ‘self-funded’ independent’ pathway designed to support your journey to becoming a fully qualified General Practitioner under the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

    Location requirement: MMM2-7          2 intakes per year (January & July)

  • Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS):

    Fully funded vocational training program offering routes to RACGP &/or ACRRM fellowship.

    Location requirement: MMM4-7          2 intakes per year (February & August)

  • ACRRM’s Rural Generalist Training Scheme (RGTS):

    The fully-funded stream of the ACRRM Independent Pathway (see below), designed to equip doctors for the broad scope of practice required in rural and remote settings.

    Location requirement: MMM2-7*        2 intakes per year (January & July)

  • ACRRM's Independent Pathway (IP):

    A ‘self-funded’ independent pathway tailored for those seeking a career in rural and remote medicine, facilitated by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. Location requirement: MMM2-7* 2 intakes per year (January & July)

Location requirement: MMM2-7*        2 intakes per year (January & July)

*12 months of your training on these programs are required in a MMM4-7 location to meet the Rural & Remote context component of your training.

Our team will ensure you have the most up-to-date information to ensure you select the most suitable pathway are on hand to support you at every step, all the way to fellowship.

You can search for roles and filter jobs by training pathways, state and MMM rating with our Vacancy Map and Browse Jobs filters.

It is important to understand the supervision requirements of each pathway and the impact of a great supervisor cannot be understated - they not only guide you through your training program but also invest in your growth as a medical professional.

This means having an experienced VR GP supervisor who understands your aspirations, challenges, and the nuances of working in DPA MMM 2-7 locations, as well as someone who is committed to helping you navigate the path to RACGP or ACRRM fellowship with confidence.

Remuneration and Incentives

It is important to highlight that the majority of General Practitioners working in Australia, work as ‘Independent Contractors’ rather than ‘Salaried Employees’. This is a significant change from the hospital system and can take some time to adjust to.

Working with an experienced accountant who works with medical practitioners is important. This will ensure you work under the best trading structure (Sole Trader, Limited Company, Family Trust etc.) and manage your Superannuation, BAS and Tax obligations in the most efficient manner.


The potential earnings for non-VR GPs in general practice training can vary significantly by up to $200k per year in gross billings.

This is influenced by several key factors, including the GP to patient ratios, how well-established the medical centre is, its billing policies, and the level of support provided by GP supervisors, nurses, practice managers, and the reception team.

General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) has a useful GP Earnings Calculator to help you understand your potential income.

Understanding these elements is key when evaluating your potential earnings and making an informed decision about your next career move. Our team can personally guide you through your earning potential and equip you with the knowledge you need.


Financial incentives play a big part in your transition to general practice training. Our team will ensure you are well-informed and can access the full range of incentives designed to support your move.

This includes relocation grants to assist with the costs of moving, retention payments to reward your ongoing commitment to a community, Rural Workforce Agency grants, and 10 year moratorium scaling options that can enhance your career flexibility and earning potential.

Each state in Australia offers its own unique set of incentives, and our expertise across these variations means we provide active assistance in understanding and securing these benefits. Our goal is to make your transition as financially rewarding as it is professionally fulfilling.

Ready to Explore Your Options?

If you're looking for specific advice tailored to your professional and personal circumstances, we're here to help.

You do not need to wait until you receive your AHPRA general registration and can contact us in the months leading up to this being granted.

Contact our team and we can guide you through the options available, ensuring you make informed decisions that suit your career and lifestyle.

We’re proactive, personal, and highly responsive. We work with your timeframes and references to identify the best possible match and are committed to your success and well-being, ensuring every aspect of your move is considered - from the professional opportunities to the community fit for your family.

Reach out today and we’ll make your transition to GP training as smooth and successful as possible.

Hear from Our GPs

Hear directly from doctors who have made the transition with our help and how they've found professional satisfaction and personal happiness in their new roles across Australia.

FSP GP in Rural Victoria
Karen was absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond to help me get a placement and navigate through the paperwork and red tape. I cannot recommend her more!!

ACRRM Independent Pathway GP in Rural NSW
Darren found the perfect practice to continue my ACRRM training and was very proactive with all the paperwork, including getting the practice ACRRM accredited.

FSP GP in Bunbury, WA
Mel had been a legend from the beginning of my recruitment process, she is very approachable and very knowledgeable about the entire process. Would highly recommend her to anyone!

FSP GP in Rural Queensland
Brad is amazing. He is an absolute professional in his field. Made everything so easy for me. I highly recommend him.

Read more here.

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