DXC Process

Over the past 15 years in providing permanent GP recruitment services, I have evolved a simple 6-step process designed to ensure I find the perfect position that matches the personal and professional values of my candidates.

Step 1. Register your interest & arrange a conversation

Complete the Register Now form, call or email to arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements. We will work around your availability to minimise the impact on your working and personal commitments.

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Step 2. Screening

A detailed face-to-face, video, or telephone conversation to ensure your personal and professional requirements are fully understood before starting the search. This is a critical step in the process and we will take as much time as required to answer all of your questions. We will advise you on the expected permanent GP recruitment timeframe and how to overcome any potential restrictions (19AA/19AB).

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Step 3. Search & shortlist

Working to your timeframe and using our extensive contacts, we will thoroughly search all agreed locations to ensure we find the right medical centre for you. We will not limit this search to clients currently recruiting and will proactively contact all medical centres that share your values.

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Step 4. Contacting clients

As part of our ‘personal’ commitment, we do not just email your CV through to a matching client. We will speak with all potential clients to ensure they fully understand the value that you will bring to their practice and community, to maximise the chances of you securing the role.

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Step 5. Interview/Site visit preparation

Expectations around interviews and site visits range significantly from client to client and poor understanding of what is required can significantly impact the effectiveness for both the client and candidate. We will ensure that you have all the information required and are fully prepared for each client meeting, enabling you to fully understand how each opportunity matches your long-term requirements.

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Step 6. Securing the perfect role

If we have done our job well in understanding your needs and matching you with the right client, then this should be a relatively simple step. We will finalise all contractual negotiations on your behalf and work with the client to ensure all relevant paperwork is completed in a timely fashion.

GP Journeys: From South Africa to Townsville Image

GP Journeys: From South Africa to Townsville

  • February 23, 2024

For South African GP Dr Arthur Berry, medicine is a family affair. After completing his medical studies in Pretoria, Arthur worked as a medical officer in the public health system before founding a practice in partnership with his father in a rural area of South Africa.

GP Journeys: From The Netherlands to Kiama Image

GP Journeys: From The Netherlands to Kiama

  • February 14, 2024

Dr Leonie graduated from medical school in The Netherlands in 2014, before completing the rigorous three-year training to become a GP. Throughout her studies and training, she accumulated extensive education and experience in the Dutch healthcare system.

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