PracticeBound: From Bunbury Hospital to Lancelin

PracticeBound: From Bunbury Hospital to Lancelin

  • June 27, 2024

Dr. Adnan Shehzad has experienced the extremes of the Australian healthcare system since arriving here in 2019 - from working in some of Sydney’s busiest hospitals, to now serving the local community as a general practitioner in the beautiful coastal town of Lancelin in Western Australia (WA).

Initially trained in Lahore, Pakistan, Dr. Adnan dedicated ten years to his medical education before relocating to New South Wales (NSW) in 2019. His move to Australia marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career.

Upon arriving in NSW, Dr. Adnan followed the standard pathway for international medical graduates, spending a couple of years completing rigorous hospital rotations with NSW Health. These rotations provided him with a broad range of clinical experiences, essential for his development as a well-rounded doctor. In pursuit of further opportunities, Dr. Adnan moved to Western Australia, where he secured a role with the WA Country Health Service. Here, he completed his Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA) in Bunbury, a crucial step in his professional accreditation in Australia.

Dr. Adnan's dedication and hard work culminated in obtaining his General Registration. With a growing interest in general practice, he reached out to the DXC Medical team in May 2023, eager to embark on GP training.

Recognising his potential and enthusiasm, we connected Dr. Adnan with Jupiter Health, securing him a role in the beautiful beachside community of Lancelin, located approximately 90 minutes north of Perth.

In August 2023, Dr. Adnan commenced his role as a general practitioner under the More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP). By January of this year, he was approved to commence the Fellowship Support Program (FSP).

The support from Jupiter Health extended beyond professional training. They also assisted Dr. Adnan with permanent residency sponsorship, supporting his commitment to the Australian healthcare system and his new community. Our DXC Medical team has also been onhand to provide advice and support in every aspect of his transition from hospital-based to general practitioner.

Dr. Adnan cherishes the deeper patient relationships he can form in general practice, contrasting with the often impersonal nature of hospital settings.

He enjoys listening to his patients' stories and seeing them leave his practice with a smile, rather than on a stretcher. Outside of work, Dr. Adnan takes full advantage of Lancelin's attractions, from its beautiful beaches to its sand dunes, and enjoys traveling, playing cricket, and participating in cultural and social gatherings with friends.

Lancelin is a popular tourist destination, so its permanent population of around 1,000 residents swells during busy peak season times, so Dr Adnan is on hand to serve working holiday makers who spend time in the area, as well as the fly-in/fly-out community and those who live in the town all year round.

Dr. Adnan's journey from Lahore to Lancelin is not just a story of professional growth but also one of personal fulfillment.

His dedication to his patients, combined with his passion for a balanced life, makes him a valued member of the Lancelin community. As he continues his GP training and integrates further into his new role, we wish him the very best in his new home.

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