International GP Recruitment

Our comprehensive guide to assist International Medical Graduates eligible for the RACGP PEP Specialist Stream

Step 1: EPIC, AMC & English Competency

Verify your Medical Credentials with EPIC

EPIC validates your identity as well as medical credentials, ensuring their authenticity for physicians and organisations globally. Utilising ECFMG’s renowned primary-source verification process, EPIC confirms details such as medical education, training, and registration/licensure. Its web-based platform provides secure, convenient, and efficient services, reflecting the high standards set by ECFMG Certification.

Purpose: Verify your identity and Medical Credentials.  You must nominate the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to receive an EPIC Report for each credential

Timeframe: 4 weeks

Cost: EPIC Account Establishment & ID Verification USD $130.00 | Credential Verification USD $100.00 each

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Top Tip: Record your EPIC ID before progressing to the next step

Create your AMC Portfolio

The AMC sets national standards for medical education and assessment to protect the health of the Australian community. It oversees medical education, training, and assessment, setting accreditation standards, evaluating programs and international medical graduates, and collaborates with government bodies to maintain high standards.

Purpose: The AMC will verify all qualifications for the Australian Specialist Colleges and the Medical Board of Australia 

Timeframe: 2 weeks

Cost: AMC Account AUD $642.00 | Additional Qualifications AUD $107.00

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Top Tip: You will be unable to progress through Step 2 or Step 3 without an AMC Portfolio

Pass your English Competency Exam

Purpose: To practice as a health practitioner in Australia, you need to prove your English proficiency to ensure safe practice.

To qualify for initial registration, you must demonstrate English proficiency through one of the following methods:

  • English is your primary language, and you completed all your primary and secondary education, as well as tertiary qualifications in the relevant professional discipline in English in a recognised country, or

  • You have a combination of secondary education and tertiary qualifications, including at least two years of secondary education and tertiary qualifications, all taught and assessed solely in English, in a recognised country, or

  • You have completed at least six years of continuous education, including tertiary qualifications, taught, and assessed solely in English in any recognised country, to support your eligibility for registration under the National Law, or

  • You meet the specific test score requirements in one of the following English language exams. The below English language tests are accepted by AHPRA. For more information about the tests, please refer to the providers website linked below

English Test

Test Fee Estimate

Required Score



AUD $445.00


2 years


AUD $587.00


2 years


AUD $445.00


2 years


AUD $420.00


2 years

The Medical Board of Australia will accept two test sittings within a 6-month period, provided that they meet the minimum score requirement outlined in the Registration Standard.

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Top Tip: Book your test as soon as possible. If you have already completed your test, is it still valid?

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Step 2: RACGP PEP Specialist Stream (Part A & B)

RACGP Part A (Comparability Assessment)

The PEP Specialist Stream offers international General Practitioners an opportunity to have their curriculum, training, examinations, and experience assessed in comparison to that of an Australian Specialist.

Purpose: To be assessed by the college as either substantially or partially comparable on the PEP Specialist Pathway, based on your qualifications and experience

Timeframe: 6-10 weeks


PEP Specialist Stream Fees and Charges as of June 2024

Comparability application


PEP Specialist Program fee

AUD$11,900.00 (payable at Part C)

RACGP Membership fee

AUD$600.00 (annual fee)

Additional fees may apply for examinations

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Top Tip: Contact DXC before you start searching for a job. Comparability assessment results are valid for one year from the outcome letter date and extensions are rarely provided if you have not commenced the program within 12 months

RACGP Part B (Job Offer Approval)

Purpose: To obtain approval of your proposed position in Australia, including practice and supervisor information

Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

  • DXC Medical will assist you with securing an appropriate job offer that meets the requirements for a 3GA program provider number

  • Part B will open in your PEP Specialist Stream application platform once eligible. You and your new employer will need to provide information relating to your proposed job offer, work hours/locations, supervisor, scope of practice, and practice accreditation

  • RACGP assessors will then review the submission

  • Upon approval of your job offer, you are eligible to apply for AHPRA medical registration

Top Tip:  While you are awaiting your Part B approval is an ideal time to start collating your supporting documents for Step 3

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Step 3: Medical Board of Australia (AHPRA)

Apply for Medical Registration

AHPRA provides guidance and support to overseas trained doctors throughout their medical registration process to ensure they meet the necessary requirements to practice medicine in the Australian healthcare system.

Purpose: To gain provisional or limited medical registration

Timeframe: 8-12 weeks

Cost: AUD $1,188.00 – AUD $2,015.00

  • Your DXC consultant will advise which forms need to be completed for your level of registration

  • You will need to submit your CV in an AHPRA approved format as part of your application

  • You are required to have supporting documents translated in English and certified in line with AHPRA's guidelines

Supporting documents may include:

    • Certified copy of foreign passport

    • Certified copies of 2 category C proof of identity documents

    • Certified copy of primary medical degree certificate

    • Certified copy of internship certificate

    • Certified copy of advanced training certificate

    • Certified copy of English language test

  • You will need to complete International Criminal History Checks (ICHCs) for every country you have lived in for 6 months or more since your 18th birthday

  • Apply for your Certificate of Good Standing (CoGS) or Certificate of Registration Status (CoRS) once your AHPRA application has been submitted as they expire after 3 months

Useful Links:

Top Tip: When working with DXC Medical we will guide you, so the right applications are completed by the right people at the right time.  You are encouraged to send your completed documentation to our team for review prior to submitting to AHPRA

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Step 4: Visa

Apply for your Visa to Work in Australia

A visa is required to work in Australia primarily to regulate immigration and ensure that individuals entering the country for employment purposes meet certain criteria and adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

Purpose: Gain temporary working rights within Australia

Timeframe: 4 - 12 weeks depending on circumstances

Cost: To be discussed with your migration lawyer

  • Speak to our consultants to determine which visa options would suit your needs with Department of Home Affairs

  • The primary method for doctors to migrate to Australia is via the medium-term stream (2-4 years) Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482), which requires sponsorship from an Australian medical practice

  • Visa nomination costs are covered by your sponsoring medical clinic

  • Visa application costs are covered by the applicant. These costs vary depending on the family members travelling with you

  • DXC Medical recommends using migration lawyers to assist with your visa process:

Top Tip: To meet your visa requirements, you will need to secure private health insurance. We suggest using or to find the best option for you

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Step 5: RACGP PEP Specialist Stream (Part C)

RACGP Part C (Enter Your Program)

Purpose: Accept your position in the PEP Specialist Stream and apply for your Medicare provider number and prescriber number.

Timeframe: 10 weeks

Cost: If you submitted or obtained your Part A Comparability Assessment prior to 3 June 2024 and commence work before 1 December 2024 your program fee will be $8,000.  If you commence work after 1 December 2024 your program fee will be $11,900

  • Provide evidence of your AHPRA medical registration and approved visa to the RACGP. The RACGP will assess your application and email you directly with your outcome and next steps

  • You will be issued your program agreement to sign, and program invoice to pay. You will also need to become a financial member of the RACGP and provide evidence of completing your Basic Life Support course (BLS) within twelve months prior to applying into the PEP Specialist Stream

  • Once the RACGP has received receipt of you completing the necessary requirements, you will be issued your provider number application form

  • Your consultant will assist in providing additional practice information required for completion of your provider number application. After you submit your application to the RACGP, you’ll be notified when they send it to Medicare for processing

  • When your provider number has been issued, you will receive a letter confirming your placement approval directly from Medicare Australia. The letter will outline your provider number, prescriber number, placement address, start date, and end date of your placement (if applicable). It can take up to 28 business days for your provider number to be issued

Top Tip: Apply as soon as you are eligible.  Peak processing times like December/January can add an extra 4 week delay or longer in some circumstances

Where Can I Work?

  • Substantially comparable doctors can work in DPA MMM1 - MMM7 locations; and

  • Partially comparable doctors can work in DPA MMM2 – MMM7 locations

The Modified Monash Model (MMM) is utilised by the Australian Government to determine whether a location is classified as metropolitan, rural, remote, or very remote. Regions falling within the MMM2 to MMM7 categories are considered regional, rural, or remote.

Distribution Priority Area (DPA) classification highlights regions in Australia where there is a shortage of General Practitioner services. International Medical Graduates (IMGs) must work in a DPA location to meet the eligibility criteria to access Medicare services.

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