GP Journeys: From The Netherlands to Kiama

GP Journeys: From The Netherlands to Kiama

  • February 14, 2024

Dr Leonie graduated from medical school in The Netherlands in 2014, before completing the rigorous three-year training to become a GP. Throughout her studies and training, she accumulated extensive education and experience in the Dutch healthcare system.

Leonie’s Australian GP journey began in 2018. Her partner’s job had presented a year-long opportunity to live here, and they jumped at the chance to experience life ‘down under’.

At first, Leonie didn’t pursue her registration to work in Australia as a GP, thinking they’d be here for a 12-month stint rather than a long-term move. But when things went well, she started looking into pathways to become registered in Australia and took part in the  RACGP PEP specialist stream to work as a GP in Dubbo, NSW.

In 2019, a halt was put on Leonie’s professional plans. She and her partner had welcomed their first child, and the international travel restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic meant they decided to return to The Netherlands to be with family.

Leonie originally connected with DXC Medical before returning to Europe, and in 2022 our director Darren Compton met with her in The Netherlands to stay in touch on the opportunities available for GP doctors in Australia.

Darren put Dr Leonie in touch with the Shoalhaven Family Medical Centre in Worrigee. “After visiting the clinic on a trip to Australia, I felt like we had unfinished business here, and I wanted to give the kids the opportunity to live here and enjoy the stunning landscapes and lifestyle,” says Leonie.

“There’s a lot of paperwork involved in getting registered to work in Australia, so it’s been really great to have DXC Medical helping me with the process. They’ve given us practical advice and have answered our questions along the way. I’m excited that we’re now here, continuing our life in Australia.”

Leonie will start her GP role at the Shoalhaven Family Medical Centre in Worrigee, in the Shoalhaven region of NSW, in February this year. Her aim is to achieve fellowship (FRACGP), before going on to further her specialist training.

For now, Leonie and her husband and two children are happy to have found a home in Kiama Downs, a short drive from Worrigee, and are spending their free time exploring the local area, including trips to beauty spots such as Jervis Bay.

DXC Medical remains committed to supporting doctors like Dr Leonie, ensuring they receive the guidance and support needed to make meaningful contributions to health care in regional and rural Australia.

We welcome Leonie to her new role in the Shoalhaven and look forward to the impact she will make in her community and beyond.

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