GP Journeys: From Cape Town to the Macedon Ranges

GP Journeys: From Cape Town to the Macedon Ranges

  • April 30, 2024

Dr. Nabeela Amien is an experienced GP originally from Cape Town, South Africa, who recently started her new role at a highly-regarded medical practice in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, just north of Melbourne, Victoria.

However, navigating her way to this point has been anything but straightforward. Her journey is a story of resilience in the face of bureaucratic challenges and unexpected setbacks. But it’s also ultimately one of hope, showing that even when the path to securing your Australian GP job isn’t straight forward, it can still happen.

Upon arriving in Melbourne in September 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nabeela set about acquiring medical registration in Australia. Despite her extensive experience in family medicine in South Africa, her qualifications weren’t recognised by the RACGP. This hurdle led to a six-month period without employment, during which Nabeela diligently passed the required examinations for medical practice in Australia.

The obstacles continued to mount when Nabeela encountered delays and cancellations in obtaining her general practice registration, including an unexpected postponement when her scheduled PESCI exam happened to fall on the national day of mourning in Australia for the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and then couldn’t happen again for another six months.

During her wait this time, Nabeela took on hospital medical work as a stop gap while gaining experience in the Australian healthcare system.

It was in May 2022 that Nabeela contacted Karen from DXC Medical - at this point she was awaiting her provisional AHPRA registration and hoping to get into the Fellowship Support Program. When her PESCI exam was delayed, she reconnected with Karen again in October 2023, to advise that she was working in the hospital system, and her overseas qualifications had finally been recognised by the RACGP.

However there were more roadblocks to come, when her eligibility for the PEP specialist pathway was no longer valid, due to her lack of recent GP experience in Australia.

Nabeela says working with Karen is what has helped her reach the point of now working as a GP in the Macedon Ranges.

Karen has been beyond supportive, and with me every step of the way as we’ve navigated the complexities of the medical registration bureaucracy here. The set-backs have been extremely difficult, but she helped me stay hopeful that things would eventually work out, and she was right. She’s really gone above and beyond to make my GP dream job a reality,” says Nabeela.

The support from Karen included helping Nabeela to change her trajectory and apply for the RACGP Fellowship Support Program. Through this, DXC Medical has secured Nabeela’s job in the Macedon Ranges, and she will also soon commence on the MDRAP (More Doctors for Rural Australia Program) before starting on the Fellowship Support Program in July.

Of her new role, Nabeela says the practice has been extremely welcoming, with her new colleagues and patients making her feel immediately at home. She can already see that this practice is established in the community and provides a very important service and great continuity of care.

Karen from DXC Medical actually worked with the practice back in her nursing days, so is especially thrilled to see Nabeela settle into this supportive team.

We congratulate Dr. Nabeela Amien on her new chapter in the Macedon Ranges and look forward to supporting more doctors in finding fulfilling opportunities across Australia. If you’re considering a new GP role, our Vacancy Map and Search Jobs functions allow you to filter our jobs by location, training pathway, keyword and job type.

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