Everything you need to know about RVTS

Everything you need to know about RVTS

  • May 28, 2021

With the applications for the 2022 intake opening on the 31st May, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an overview of the key aspects of the program that all applicants and medical centres need to understand.

DXC Medical has placed 15 RVTS registrars in the last two years, with a large number of other doctors already in place to apply for 2022 intake.

A brief history

RVTS is a Section 3GA approved vocational training program for medical practitioners to train towards fellowship of either the RACGP or ACRRM in rural locations throughout Australia.

Since 1999, RVTS has been providing outstanding support and training to nonVR GPs and has been successful in achieving their three main goals to:

  • Facilitate access to vocational training by all doctors across Australia
  • Contribute to the recruitment and retention of rural and remote doctors
  • Improve the quality of services available to remote communities by enabling access to vocational training and ensuring continuity of medical services

Why choose RVTS?

RVTS has numerous advantages for registrars when compared to AGPTRACGP PEP and ACRRM Independent Pathway.

  • 94% pass rate
  • Fully funded program
  • Reduce training time to 3 years
  • Full access to A1 medicare rates
  • Fully subsidised training workshops
  • Remain in one location throughout your training
  • Train towards fellowship of ACRRM and/or RACGP
  • Eligible for doctors on general or provisional/limited registration*
  • Eligible for temporary residents, permanent residents and citizens

*Doctors must be on a minimum of Level 3 supervision with AHPRA or on MDRAP at the time of applying.

What locations are eligible for RVTS?

RVTS has two streams:

  • The Remote Stream is eligible for all doctors working in MMM4-7 locations
  • The AMS Stream is eligible for all doctors working in Aboriginal Health Services in MMM2-7 locations

Distribution Priority Areas (DPA)

RVTS will currently accept doctors working under DPA replacement provisions in non-DPA area, providing they meet the MMM requirements above.

It is essential to understand that doctors must be working in the location prior to applying for RVTS. Non-DPA areas are not eligible for the More Doctors For Rural Australia Program (MDRAP). They are also unlikely to receive a Health Workforce Certificate (HWC).

Therefore, we would recommend speaking with one of the DXC team, RVTS or the appropriate workforce agency before making a decision.

Targeted Recruitment

Under the targeted recruitment strategy, RVTS aims to recruit doctors to locations of high workforce needs throughout Australia.

This strategy offers up to 5 places each year at Commonwealth approved locations. The 2022 approved location list includes locations in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

One key advantage is doctors do not need to be working in the location to apply.

When does RVTS commence?

Commencing in January each year, RVTS is limited to 22 Remote Stream and 10 AMS stream doctors per year. The 5 targeted recruitment places are included in these numbers.

Applications for Round 1 open in June each year, with assessment interviews taking place in July and August. Approximately 50% of the 22 Remote Stream places will be taken in Round 1.

Round 2 opens in September each, with assessment interviews taking place in October and November. There may be a Round 3 in January should there still be any places remaining.

How much does the program cost?

RVTS has full Commonwealth funding and includes 2 week-long training workshops each year in Sydney and Brisbane.

In conclusion

With over 20 years’ experience training rural and remote GPs, RVTS is an outstanding choice of vocational training program.

Fully funded and with a 94% pass rate, registrars enjoy high-quality, structured education and supervision from experienced and passionate rural practitioners.  

Doctors will enjoy a program renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, high quality training and world-class support. All adding up to a great training experience.

DXC Medical is a specialist rural GP recruitment and non-VR GP and GP/VMO recruitment. Our mission is to find the best practice, training pathway and location to suit our doctor’s personal and professional requirements.   

With offices in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Wollongong the DXC Medical team are well placed to discuss opportunities in all states and territories throughout Australia.

For more information on anything covered in this blog, please contact:

Darren Compton

0405 234 852


To view the latest RVTS eligible GP and GP/VMO Jobs, please click HERE and search the keyword RVTS

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