PracticeBound: From Campbelltown Hospital to Wodonga

PracticeBound: From Campbelltown Hospital to Wodonga

  • April 9, 2024

Dr Asiri Gamage and Dr Nisal Fernando share a lot. As doctors who met when completing their medical training in Sri Lanka, they’ve gone on to forge parallel careers while also starting a family together, as proud parents to a seven-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.

They’ve also successfully made the transition from hospital-based medical practitioners to working as general practitioners, a move that suits both their career aspirations and their family life.

Let’s explore the experience of Asiri and Nisal, who’ve made the move from being hospital-based doctors to regionally-based GPs, and their journey from Sri Lanka, to Campbelltown in Sydney, to the Victorian city of Wodonga.

After graduating together from medical school in 2012, Asiri focused on medicine, surgery, STIs and emergency medicine, while Nisal focused on medicine, surgery, psychiatry, and emergency medicine.

Together they shared a dream of relocating from Sri Lanka to Australia, and in 2021 their hard work and dedication paid off, when they began their Australian medical career working at Campbelltown Hospital, with limited AHPRA registration. In 2023 they obtained general registration and both chose the Fellowship Support pathway to become vocationally registered GPs.

The transition to general practice medicine was driven by their family’s desire for a more balanced lifestyle and the opportunity to engage with a community on a deeper level. Hospital work, while rewarding, often involves demanding schedules and a constant rush. General practice gives them both the chance to build lasting patient relationships and provide comprehensive care outside the hospital's confines, while also providing a stable and rewarding income for their growing family.

For Asiri and Nisal, moving to Wodonga with their young family has marked a significant shift towards a more fulfilling professional and personal life. The structured schedule of GP medicine provides better work/life balance, and Wodonga's welcoming community, picturesque scenery, and the richness of local life have quickly made it feel like home, offering everything they need within a vibrant yet relaxed environment.

Since making their move to the regional city of Wodonga, which is on the border of Victoria and New South Wales, Asiri and Nisal have enjoyed exploring the natural beauty of the region with their kids, from the bustling city centre to the serenity of Lake Hume Dam and the scenic waterways of the Murray River.

“Moving to a small city like Wodonga has been an incredibly positive decision for our family. Not only does it offer a more relaxed pace of life and a strong sense of community, but it also provides ample opportunities for our children to thrive. The abundance of outdoor spaces, quality schools, and family-friendly amenities make it an ideal environment for raising a family,” says Nisal.

Being just three hours from family in Melbourne also means they can maintain close family ties.

DXC Medical has supported Asiri and Nisal in their transition, including with their acceptance into the MDRAP (More Doctors for Rural Australia Program), and in securing jobs with a great practice in Wodonga. Both doctors have also now applied for the Fellowship Support Program (FSP) through the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, which will commence in July 2024. 

“Amy and the DXC Medical team have been instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of transitioning from hospital-based jobs to GP roles, as well as helping us settle into our new community,” says Nisal, speaking from their new home in Wodonga.

For Asiri and Nisal, finding the balance between professional aspirations and personal happiness has led them to a new life in a beautiful regional Australian location. We wish them all the best in their roles in Wodonga, and their placement is part of our mission to help provide high-quality doctors to rural and regional locations around Australia. 

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