DXC Medical Recruitment is open for business!

DXC Medical Recruitment is open for business!

  • January 20, 2018

DXC Medical Recruitment is open for business!

After years thinking about it, I am delighted to announce that DXC Medical Recruitment is now officially open for business.

DXC Medical Recruitment specialises in providing GP and Rural Generalist recruitment services to clients and candidates throughout Australia.

Why now?

As a father of three young children, it took a recent holiday with the family to realise one very important thing. I was spending my working life talking to General Practitioners about the importance of a good work/life balance and yet not achieving one for my family and I.

I was spending 12 hours+ each week commuting to Sydney and working conventional office hours. Despite knowing they were not conducive to the services I was providing. Therefore, it was time for a much-needed change and for me to start practicing what I preach. Welcome to DXC Medical Recruitment.

What is our vision?

After spending 5 years as the National Recruitment Manager for a leading medical services provider, I recognised that there is limited knowledge, time, and resources required to ensuring long-term sustainable workforce solutions, especially in regional, rural, and remote locations. DXC Medical Recruitment provides cost-effective, long-term solutions to these challenges.

By using our extensive experience, knowledge and contacts, we provide personal, proactive, and tailored permanent General Practitioner and Rural Generalists who are committed to improving health outcomes within their communities, throughout Australia.

Find out more about how our clients and candidates benefit from using our service here.

What does the ‘X’ stand for in DXC?

Most people will have worked out that the ‘D’ and ‘C’ are my initials, but everyone asks about the X. I would like to say that my middle name is something exotic like “Xavier” or “Xerxes, but sadly not.

It was a letter added to my initials (having no middle name), by the first company I worked for. When I started my fledgling career back in 2004, to stop my notes being confused with those of another DC within the company. We still used fax machines and filing cabinets back then too.

So, when I was coming up with a name for my new business, ‘DXC’ seemed to be the most suitable. It reflects the ‘personal’ values of the company and also looks pretty good in the logo!

And finally……

Today may be the official launch date, but I have learnt so much over the past 6 months of preparation. This has been the most exciting phase of my career to-date.

The adventures and possibilities that lay ahead for DXC Medical Recruitment are very exciting. I am delighted to start working towards achieving our vision of changing the way permanent GP recruitment services are delivered to the communities that need them most.

I look forward to updating you on our progress over the coming months.


Darren Compton
Managing Director
0405 234 852


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